Art is the only drug that is still permitted in our society

Poul R. Weile was born in Nyborg, Denmark in 1954 and educated at the Academy of Arts in Odense, Denmark from 1979 – 1984. He’s based in Berlin, Germany, but has been working all over the world including Iceland, China, Japan, South Korea, France, Italy and Norway. He has lived and worked as an artist since 1984, in all fields of visual art.

Poul R. Weile has more big works displayed in public – and is represented in many museums around the world. Art is his life and therefore it is his tool of communication. In his work Poul R. Weile invites a dialogue - and challenges the viewer with self reflection. Poul R. Weile has no “style” – life has no “style”. His “non-style” has become his signature.